Spring 2017

It's hard to pick a favorite season at CSR. They each have their own appeal - the pastures blanketed in white in winter, the cool breeze off Gilman pond in summer, the fiery hillside foliage in fall - but spring is undoubtedly the most magical. After months of quiet solitude, spring roars in nearly overnight with a cacophony of sound. The killdeer, geese, ducks, bittern, robins and hawks are first to arrive. Followed quickly by snipe, osprey, eagles, peepers, swallows, loons and bobolink along with a vast array of songbirds. Their calls, chirps, peeps and songs fill the air. It's a sounds that barely ceases - day or night. And before any color returns to the earth - with buds barely appearing and only the slightest tinge of green on the pasture - it's the first sure sign that life has returned to the stark winter landscape. And it's the most welcome sound of all.