Summer 2017

Where did summer go? Even though there are are 10 days left in the season the leaves are already changing colors. And while we are having a warm spell now, the nights are markedly cooler than they were in July and August. Maybe one of the reasons it flew by was how busy summer always is on a farm.

We had our biggest year yet of making hay. There are a whopping 650 hay bales tucked away in the barn and we expect to have over 700 round bales by the time the snow hits. That's a big increase from last year but we are growing so we'll have more cattle to feed this winter. We also have been creating new spaces for our pigs. Now that we will be producing pork year-round we have invested in extra fencing and pig huts and are building a winter structure.

All while rotating the cattle to fresh pasture every 24-48 hours and keeping all the animals fed and happy. While summer is in its twilight we are still reveling in the warm sunny days and hope you are too.