Cold Spring Ranch was established in the 1880's as a diverse beef and dairy farm, and still operates today from the original house and barn.

At its high point, the ranch included approximately 1,600 acres and operated out of at least three separate barn sites. From the 1880's through the 1950's, it was run as a diverse livestock operation with a dairy barn, chicken barn, and beef/sheep barn. From the 1950's to the mid 1990's it was a dairy farm operated by the Reed family called Gilman Farm. For about 10 years after its dairying days, the pastures were hayed every year and grazed with a limited number of livestock.

When Gabe Clark purchased the property in 2005, he restored the original name and began to raise grass fed beef on approximately 320 acres of fields and forest. Among his first priorities were establishing systems for replenishing the soil nutrients and building portable fencing for intensive pasture rotation. More recent projects have included the construction of winter feeding areas and the development of a composting facility to return nutrients back into the pastures. In 2015 a contiguous piece of the original Ranch was purchased to provide additional pasture and hayland to expand the operation.

The Clarks are proud of the agricultural tradition of the property and strive to honor the hard work of all those who came before them.